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Blog: 4 Reasons Why We Lose Flexibility As We Age

Blog: 4 Reasons Why We Lose Flexibility As We Age

One of the first most apparent signs of aging is when we start losing flexibility. We think our bodies are as limber as the one we had when we were young. Until one day we wake-up, try to get out of bed or try to tie our shoes and we just feel our bodies are not the same. It gets harder to start moving and we just feel ‘crispy’. Do you know why?

  • One of the main reasons that we lose flexibility as we age is that the collagen structure begins to decrease. Collagen is a protein found in the connective tissue such as skin, muscle sheath, bone, tendons and ligaments
  • Collagen begins to stick together making the connective tissue stiffer thus range of motion is diminished and less able to tolerate stress.
  • Flexibility also decreases with time as a result of inactivity.
  • Too many years of bad posture could affect your alignment and limit range of motion

Since there is a correlation between age and flexibility loss, flexibility and stretching is an excellent way to maintain a young body with great range of motion. Flexibility exercises help your body (muscles and tissues) stay in place and aligned to safely perform daily activities. A flexible body moves more efficiently and effectively than a stiff one. A flexible body is a young body!!