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(dup) About TANGOFLEX

TANGOFLEX® is the perfect flexibility training designed for EVERYONE including athletes, weightlifters, dancers, yoga, pilates & pole fitness practitioners. TANGOFLEX® focuses primarily on deep muscle flexibility that empowers self-reliance. It is the perfect complement to your daily routine. Fun for all levels, no experience required!


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Whether you are a beginner or advanced, TANGOFLEX will make lasting changes to your body and life. JOIN TODAY!


  • “TANGOFLEX has had an amazing effect on the quality of my life. I no longer have vertigo & dizzy spells. I’m no longer on blood pressure medicine and has helped me lose 48 lbs. If you’ve tried everything else, this is “THE TICKET” to a happy, balanced and wonderful life. THANK YOU!…”
    Patty K. - Tangoflexer