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Questions & Answers

Why is TANGOFLEX a Revolutionary Flexibility Training?

What is Revolutionary and very specific about the TANGOFLEX Method is the way we connect the stretches and exercises. We always extend the muscle fibers to maximize the benefits of gaining or maintaining flexibility. We work through muscle extension and transition to the next stretch maintaining the ligaments and tendons open.

In TANGOFLEX we maintain flexibility and move around a particular joint to target muscles, ligaments and tendons of that same joint, always extending the muscle being stretched.

The TANGOFLEX Method is inspired in tango, where posture, dissociations, isolations, and core control are essential in the dance. However, there is no dancing in the routines, just interesting new concepts that will make you look at your body in a different way, finding ‘intention’ to be one of your priorities to accomplish your goals.

What should I expect when I receive the DVD?

The TANGOFLEX DVD set includes 2 DVDs with 4 completely different routines. It also has a booklet with Stretching Recommendations that will help you with your technique.

DVD 1:
Intro to TANGOFLEX method
Effective Stretching Booklet
50 Minute Full Body Workout

DVD 2:
5 Minute Lower Back Stretch & Relieve Back Pain Routine
10 Minute Balance Routine
15 Minute Core Strength Routine

How Frequent should I practice TANGOFLEX?

You can follow the 50 minute full body stretching routine and the 15 minute routine at least 3-5 times per week depending on your goals. It is important that if your goal is to increase flexibility that you practice the routines often. The more you follow the routines, the faster the results.

The Lower back 5 minute routine and the Balance 10 minute routine can be performed every day!

If you are looking for something short, advanced and supper challenging, the 15 minute routine is perfect for you!

Why should I stretch and practice flexibility?

You may have heard it from your doctor… You need to Stretch.

Flexibility increases circulation and allows you to feel more open, calm, confident and free. A flexible body is a young body and the combination of mind-body wellness, if incorporated in your daily life, can have a tremendous impact on your quality of life today and for years to come.
A flexible body is more receptive and adaptable to changes, therefore decreasing the risk of injuries. Muscles are like elastic bands that need to be trained. A great advantage is that you can immediately see the benefits, for example, when you try to reach for that tomato sauce placed on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinets, when you can reach for your toes and see that you get closer and closer to touching them, or simply when you tie your shoes.