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Blog: Stretch with your partner

Blog: Stretch with your partner

During Valentine’s Day most people try to do something romantic and share special and memorable gestures with their partners. Some things are special because they are different from the everyday routine; and some things are memorable because they are not only special but also fun!

Try this stretch with your partner:

  • Sit facing your partner; both with the legs open in a straddle position (see picture).
  • Place your feet on the inside of your partner’s legs.
  • Hold your partners arms (or hands) and slowly move back and forth.
  • Pull his arms in closer to you and hold the stretch for about a minute
  • Slowly swing your upper body in a circular motion making a complete circle with your partner
  • Circle in the other direction
  • Enjoy the verbal (and the non-verbal) communication
  • Repeat a few times and then change roles

During the stretches, relax and feel your partner’s gentle pressure to help you get a deeper stretch. Tell your partner how and what the stretch feels like and if you can take your partner a little deeper into the stretch.
This should be fun, relaxing and very “engaging”…
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!