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Video: Hip Openers & Preparation for Splits – PART I

Video: Hip Openers & Preparation for Splits – PART I

This “Hip Opener & Preparation for Splits” routine that I am showing here is beneficial for beginners as well as intermediate or advanced participants who have been working on getting their splits. It will also help participants that are just interested in increasing their hip flexibility and range of motion of this area.

What are Hip Openers?

The hip openers are exercises that help loosen the muscles connected to the hip joint. Working on hip openers exercises will help you lengthening the hip flexors, groin, hamstrings and gluts. It also strengthens the core while keeping an upright posture when performing the stretches and it could also relieve sciatica pain and lower back pain.

The muscles around your hips could be tight, especially if you seat for long periods of time, so be very careful going into the stretches. Do not overstretch. But most importantly take your time in each stretch. Stretching should give you a calming pleasant sensation that will make you feel relaxed. Feel your muscle fibers stretching as you breathe and relax into the stretch. Like many of my students say… “TANGOFLEX sequences feel like an inside body massage”. And that is what stretching should feel like to you!