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Video: Release stress in just 60 seconds!!

Video: Release stress in just 60 seconds!!

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TIP#1: Connect your mind and body daily.


Stress isn’t just an emotional state; it’s a physical one as well. We feel stress when we are overwhelmed and our bodies produce hormonal responses that put our system into override. This can lead into a vague physical symptom or even illness. During stressful periods we are more prompt to drink and eat foods that might not be the appropriate healthy choices, which can make mental and physical problems worse. Symptoms could include lower back pain, headaches and stomach cramps. It is a way of our body telling us to ‘slow down’, ‘be kind to yourself’, and ‘take extra care of yourself’.


If you feel stress or are overwhelmed and need to release stress, find a quiet place where you can stay alone for a few seconds (it could even be the car or the bathroom… yes… any quiet place) and close your eyes. Take a few breaths, breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Breathe deeply for about 5 to 7 times as you try to clear your mind, then relax your shoulders and your neck and move your shoulders softly into circles to make the blood flow, circle your head softly to the right, then to the left as you keep your shoulders down. Breathe deeply again 5 to 7 times as you open your eyes. Feel your mind and body at peace!

This process could take as little as 1 to 3 minutes and the benefits could be ENORMOUS!

And if you are stressed now…Don’t wait! Do it NOW! Yes, RIGHT NOW!


You can also do the following video to stretch your neck, shoulders, chest and upper back.