TANGOFLEX for Mommies


TANGOFLEX for Mommies: Strength, Balance & Flexibility for the most important 9 months of your life!

TANGOFLEX for Mommies combines Strength, Balance and Flexibility exercises for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. The exercises are low impact and relaxing to help expectant mothers release stress, relieve upper & lower back pain, increase energy levels, help with relaxation to facilitate better sleep and maintain good axis & posture contributing to easier labor, delivery and postpartum recovery.

TANGOFLEX for Mommies DVD Set (3 DVDs – 9 Workouts): This comprehensive series is targeted at expectant mothers during all stages of pregnancy. Created and filmed in realtime during Victoria’s pregnancy, each DVD contains 3 full body Strength, Balance & Flexibility workouts that specifically tackle the challenges of each trimester.

These 9 workouts were filmed towards the end of each trimester. I selected the most efficient exercises to help with each challenge most women come across during pregnancy. I kept the workouts short (12 to 15 minutes) for the busy moms to be and included a warm up and cool down in all of the sessions. You can do one workout a day or combine them for a more intense workout (45-50 minutes) and finish with the Flexibility workout. I even do the Flexibility workout at night; they are amazing back pain relievers. I want to help women enhance self confidence by maintaining a healthy changing body and feel great from conception to delivery.

Victoria Sarquisse