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Have Neck Pain?

Top 5 tricks you can do sitting at your desk to release shoulder tension Try this:

Blog: Stretch with your partner

During Valentine’s Day most people try to do something romantic and share special and memorable gestures with their partners. Some things are special because they are different from the everyday routine; and some things are memorable because they are not only special but also fun! Try this stretch with your partner: During the stretches, relax […]

Blog: 4 Reasons Why We Lose Flexibility As We Age

One of the first most apparent signs of aging is when we start losing flexibility. We think our bodies are as limber as the one we had when we were young. Until one day we wake-up, try to get out of bed or try to tie our shoes and we just feel our bodies are […]

Video: Hip Openers & Preparation for Splits – PART I

This “Hip Opener & Preparation for Splits” routine that I am showing here is beneficial for beginners as well as intermediate or advanced participants who have been working on getting their splits. It will also help participants that are just interested in increasing their hip flexibility and range of motion of this area. What are […]

Video: Release stress in just 60 seconds!!

To watch video, click on the image above. TIP#1: Connect your mind and body daily. WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT: Stress isn’t just an emotional state; it’s a physical one as well. We feel stress when we are overwhelmed and our bodies produce hormonal responses that put our system into override. This can lead into […]

Video: Reduce Lower Back Pain (Stretching Tips to Relieve Back Pain) – Part I

Lower back pain can be caused by problems with the spinal muscles, nerves, bones, tendons and ligaments. When you have lower back pain you may feel like resting, but moving could be very beneficial to your back and to ease the pain. Appropriate and slow exercises for lower back pain can strengthen your back, stomach, […]

Video: Reduce Lower Back Pain (Stretching Tips to Relieve Back Pain) – Part II

Why stretching is so important to release lower back pain? The ability to stretch muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves will help you balance your musculoskeletal system. A ‘good’ stretch should feel alleviating and reduce symptoms of lower back pain and sore muscles around the area. A ‘good’ stretch should not induce pain. I say many […]

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