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Train With Victoria

Attention Athletes

As an athlete (professional, amateur, young or experienced) you need a customized plan designed for your individual needs and specific sport. Victoria works with athletes, performers, dancers and martial artists of all levels to help them accomplish their specific needs through custom one on one training.

Custom Programs Include:

  • On-site training / Travel
  • Specific program targeted to specific needs (individual and/or teams)
  • Individualized programs (including sports visualization)
  • Customizable schedule


As a retired Hand Surgeon, I found TANGOFLEX® to be medically and scientifically proven and to have amazing benefits for injury prevention, arthritis and muscle stiffness. After the class I felt totally free.

-Dr. Steven Moss, M.D. IBMS

The muscle isolation coupled with the music puts me into a state of clarity. My mind settles as I visualize the extension and height of my kicks and a calmness takes over as I work through each stretch.

I would describe the TANGOFLEX® experience as a new perception of my body from the inside out. I can now perform perfect 180 degree splits with both legs!

TANGOFLEX® brings positive thoughts and vibes to my life. Makes me feel calm and at peace. I find myself not wanting to be anywhere else in that moment.

As a rugby player, I used to have awful back pain. I have been practicing TANGOFLEX® for over a month and the pain is almost gone, now I use the concepts and techniques that Victoria has taught me, have much better balance, speed and core control.