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A Revolutionary Flexibility Training

(2-DVD Set)



This 2-DVD flexibility program is designed to get you leaner, limber and flexible. Whether you are up for the 50-minute full body flexibility workout or the 5, 10, or 15 minute routines, you will feel how the power of flexibility impacts your body. The relaxing music will take your mind away while you work on your flexibility, range of motion, core strength, posture, balance and coordination.

This is not just another stretching DVD! TANGOFLEX uses a specific method that increases flexibility, strength, balance and coordination to help you relieve back pain, achieve greater range of motion and feel better overall…and because TANGOFLEX is very low impact, it benefits both beginners and advanced. Unlike other workouts, you will feel relaxed after practicing TANGOFLEX!

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  • Intro to TANGOFLEX Method
  • Fundamentals of TANGOFLEX: Effective Stretching Insert
  • 50 Minute TANGOFLEX Full Body Workout


  • 5 Minute Lower Back Stretch & Relieve Back Pain Routine
  • 10 Minute Balance Routine
  • 15 Minute Core Strength Routine


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TANGOFLEX® for Mommies

Low Impact Prenatal Workout

(3-DVD Set)



This DVD Set (3 DVDs – 9 Workouts) is a comprehensive series targeted at expectant mothers during all stages of pregnancy. Created and filmed in realtime during Victoria’s pregnancy, each DVD contains 3 full body Strength, Balance & Flexibility workouts that specifically tackle the challenges of each trimester.The exercises are low impact and relaxing to help expectant mothers release stress, relieve upper & lower back pain, increase energy levels, help with relaxation to facilitate better sleep and maintain good axis & posture contributing to easier labor, delivery and postpartum recovery.

Learn more About TANGOFLEX for Mommies.

DVD 1: First Trimester

Congratulations on your pregnancy, the journey begins! In this trimester we focus on core stability, balance and flexibility to strengthen our muscles for proper body alignment, to teach our body about our changing center of gravity and to maintain joint mobility.

DVD 2: Second Trimester

We continue to work on strength with special emphasis on pelvic floor exercises. Balance, Posture and Flexibility start to play a bigger role as we need to manage our new center os gravity and to help alleviate upper and lower back pain.

DVD 3: Third Trimester

We add dynamic and static exercises with the appropriate breathing pattern to improve circulation helping ease muscle cramps and promoting better sleep. The stretches will help you relax and stay connected to your own body as we prepare for our little one to arrive.


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Note: For international orders, please contacts us.