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Unlimited access to library of over 300+ videos and growing, anywhere, anytime

Tango Technique & Embellishment Videos with explanations and practice-together time

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Sculpts lean, long beautiful lines using precise low impact movements that will naturally help your body become more elegant, feminine and refined. This interdisciplinary system based on Strength, Balance & Flexibility works the entire body through the application of techniques used in Gymnastics, Ballet, Fitness and Tango.

This method is about building confidence and a deeper, stronger, more meaningful relationship with your body and mind.

This program is for you if:

You want to change and improve your deportment and you are ready to level up!

You want to look elegant and as a result, feel better

You want to feel confident with your connection, steps and movement

Your desire is to feel comfortable enough where your technique and embellishments are so much part of you that you don't need to think about it anymore.. they just flow from your body

You don't know how to exactly engage with your body & need strategies that will help you get to where you want to be!

You are ready to find your ‘personality’

You want complementary mind-body conditioning workouts that help burn calories, increase flexibility, strength, improve balance and keep you focused on creating graceful lines and extensions for YOUR body.

You will learn to:

Move more elegantly and graceful

Refine your posture, extensions and body lines

Tone your legs, glutes, core and arms

Properly execute pivots, torsions, soft transfers of weight and transitions

Properly execute specific embellishments, including sequence of movement

Engage your body to create movement while using the right technique

Fit into the ‘more sophisticated’ circles

Increase your confidence level

...and more!

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What Members Say

“It’s like everything I wanted and needed in one place. I feel like I’m privately training with Victoria in my own home. I actually cancelled my gym membership. This program has it all”

Joanna S.

“I enjoyed every moment of the routines. You are such a graceful and beautiful dancer and I’m honored to have you as an inspiration and for me to see how much more I can learn. You help me feel the connection with my own body. I love this program”

Kimberly H.

“One of the things I love the most is the level of detail on your explanation and the depth of your physical and mental knowledge and awareness that you possess”

Anna B.

“My dear Victoria, I wanted to thank you for creating something so unique and complete, where all the disciplines that you teach are interconnected on absolutely everything, even the cardio routines that you teach in the program relate to making my tango more precise, increasing my confidence as a follower. Now it doesn’t matter what video I choose, everything relates to tango and has the essence I was looking for! I am finally getting better from the inside and it shows, even my body is more toned, stronger and graceful! Thank you!”

Sue S.

“Love: Your energy, your pace, the content and deep connection that I feel with myself”

Maria C.

“I learned so much more than embellishments with this program. I learned about how to create energy, I learned how to initiate movement, I learned about self confidence. And I also learned how to move sexier with my body and my feet. And for that I can’t thank you enough. I liked every explanation you gave by showing every angle while breaking down the move. and how everything was relatable to the dance.Thank you and love you!”

Alice H.

“I thought this program was going to be all about the feet, but it was all about the core, the intention, the energy and the reflection on the feet. Absolutely Awesome! Now I look at my feet and can’t believe they are mine! Love your vocabulary and explanations and how you communicate step by step to all levels.

Jennifer B.

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