The Power of Being Feminine

When did we start mistakingly thinking that being feminine was being weak or passive?  In today’s society, the word feminine can be mistakenly understood by some to mean fragile, passive, and submissive.  The truth is that women posses qualities of power, control and authority and can be feminine at the same time!  The power of being feminine is the ability to enjoy being who you are with elegance, grace, and confidence!

As women, being feminine is an extraordinary power that we have to excel, to create, to bring to life, and to be unstoppable in whatever we decide to be.  It is this feminine magical touch that makes us women different and desirable.

You don’t have to yell, to be heard; you don’t have to be loud to get your point across in a conversation; you don’t have to fight in a disagreement. As a feminine woman who understands the power of the magical sense of the word, you can be the strongest person in the room, yet the most feminine, graceful, and elegant.

It is not about your being noticed; it is about your being remembered by your thoughts, your words, the way you carry yourself, and your body movements.  That creates the base of the feminine power of a woman with elegance, grace, and confidence.

10 Ways to Embrace Your Feminine Power

1. Be aware of your body movements and posture. Not only will be better for your health but also encourage you to project a more feminine demeanor.

2. Move your body elegantly and gracefully and allow it to be and feel free.

3. Design and create your feminine future in the present. Strive to be gentle and kind.

4. Let go of wanting to control everything and bring the focus onto you. Take care of yourself; and make it a priority. Relax, get a message, meditate. Smile, accept and love yourself. 

5. Play music that will intentionally spark your feminine side.

6. The energy that you send to the world is the energy that you attract. Learn to receive. And be grateful.

7. Feminine energy requires to slow down and enjoy the moment.

8. Learn, read and enlighten yourself as much as you can. A feminine women is knowledgable and speaks with confidence.

9. Pay attention to details: the way you dress, the jewelry you wear, the way you arrange your home. Add feminine details to your every day life.

10. Don’t compare yourself to men. You are beautifully different and that is your power!

PRACTICE these rules and embrace your feminine side every day. It will be challenging at first, but the more conscious you are with the daily changes you make the more you will embrace and live within your feminine power. 

The power of being feminine is the ability to enjoy being who you are with elegance, grace, and confidence!


  1. Mariel

    Beautiful. Thank you.

    • Victoria Sarquisse

      Hi Mariel, Thank You for sharing! Glad you enjoyed it!


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